Experimental Musical Instruments Complete Back Issues on CD-ROM


Experimental Musical Instruments Complete Back Issues on CD-ROM

All 70 issues of the late, great Experimental Musical Instruments quarterly journal, published 1985-1999, on two CD-ROMs in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

To search the contents of Experimental Musical Instruments back issues, click here.

To produce these CDs with top graphic quality and fully searchable text would have been prohibitively expensive, given the limited numbers that this rather specialized collection can be expected to sell. Instead we have produced a not-so-glamorous but far more affordable product. The quality of reproduction in the files is not the best, but the images are reasonably clear and the text is readable. It is not possible to do text searches within the articles in this CD, nor can you do text-based cut-and-paste operations or print selections of text from within a page. However, you can print whole pages just as they appear on your screen. For searches, we have provided an extensive set of synopses of all the articles in the form of a text file that is searchable. You can use this to find references to topics that interest you, and then go to the relevant articles.

…and while you’re at it, you might also wish to pick up our Early Years and Later Years CDs. These two CDs feature the music of thirty-six selected instruments from among the many that appeared in the pages of the journal. You can purchase either CD, or save a few dollars when you get both.

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