Hello, reader!  On this page I note performances and events that I have upcoming.  My tendency is to do a poor job of keeping a calendar such as this up to date, so my apologies if what you see here looks outdated.  Here are the few things I have coming up at the time of this writing.

On Sunday June 11 at 4 pm in the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco I will be joining Beth Custer in her ambitious new piece, Water Worship.

On Thursday June 29 at 8pm I will be playing with the Harmonic Series Gamelan at the  Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco. The Harmonic Series Gamelan is a project of David Samas, centered around a collection of instruments tuned to the intervals of the harmonic series. It includes, among many other instruments, a wonderful set of metallophones covering all the harmonics through 32, commissioned by David and built by Stephen Parris and Daniel Schmidt.  I’ll be playing an instrument that I called harmonochord, being a single-string instrument designed to selectively highlight the harmonics while imparting a unique tone quality. In addition, to bring a bit more tonal variety to the concert, I’ll be playing a piece on my recently completed otonuton, an instrument designed to play in the subharmonic series.  .

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