Deep Guitar and Hidehead Guitar

Here are two guitar-like instruments. The Deep Guitar, on the left, uses an unusual type of magnetic contact pickup which rides on the strings, functioning as a floating bridge. Its tone is unusually full in the bass, and to bring that out, the guitar is tuned a fourth below normal. The Hidehead Guitar on the right has a banjo-like membrane soundtable, with a dual air chamber behind (a smaller chamber within a larger). The pickup system combines a magnetic pickup for the strings with small internal microphone for the air chambers.

Deep Guitar is heard first in the audio clip, playing the Capriccio from an early guitar suite by Johann Anton Logy. It’s followed by the Hidehead playing the Scottish melody “Skye Boat Song.” You can see a clip of a variation on the deep guitar (different instrument, similar concept) among the demonstrations in this youtube playlist. 

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