After Seven Years

Last modified 3-11-2011

After Seven Years

Guitar Music from Bart Hopkin

Audio CD. Published by Teaching Music 2003

This CD presents the sort of music I play when I work as a solo guitarist. It contains no voices, and instruments other than guitar make only cameo appearances. If you’ve enjoyed my guitar playing live, you will know what you’re getting if you purchase this CD. In these tracks I play a classical guitar as well as a funny-looking, glittery-sounding electric guitar that I made, plus a couple other guitars of my own design and construction. Things are spiced up occasionally with percussion, bass, or other additions. There are 17 tracks, in a variety of musical styles. A lot of people have told me they really love this CD.

Pastures of Plenty · (Woody Guthrie)
Plousch · (Hopkin)
Bouree · (Robert de Visée)
She’s Not There · (Argent)
Once Upon a Time · (Adams & Strouse)
Limbo Rock · (Sheldon & Strange)
Robinson · (Hopkin)
Gone with the Wind · (Bell, Higgins & Limbaugh)
Aria, Capriccio & Sarabande · (Johann Anton Logy)
Hello, Dolly · (Herman)
After One Year · (Hopkin)
Skye Boat Song · (Traditional)
John Hardy · (Traditional)
Jambalaya · (Williams)
Double · (J.S. Bach)
Money, That’s What I Want · (Bradford & Gordy)
Only Trust Your Heart · (Cahn & Carter)

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Excerpt from Plousch:
Excerpt from Bouree:
Excerpt from Robinson:
Excerpt from Aria, Capriccio & Sarabande:
Excerpt from Skye Boat Song:

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