Aloft at Last CD


Aloft at Last

Audio CD by Bart Hopkin. Published by Teaching Music, 2013

From an archive of recordings spanning several decades, Bart Hopkin has selected some of his most interesting, most effective, most appealing pieces for this CD. Included are instrumental pieces and songs that are musically adventurous, but not esoteric or avant-garde. The earliest of the thirteen tracks were recorded in the 1970s; the latest are quite recent. The styles and moods are quite varied, but you can get a sense of some of them from the sound clips below.
Tracks included:

1. Tinkintoe Bourree
2. Greyboy and the Oddbird
3. Sitira
4. Johnny Faa
5. Anywhere
6. Somewhere in the Lower Branches
7. Lotta Calypsos
8. Put It Behind Me
9. Squeak and Git
10. Come All Ye Fair & Tender Ladies
11. Teediyoo Am
12. Can It Really Really Be?
13. Transcendence

Digital available soon from go to iTunes, CD Baby, or other download services.

Excerpts from Aloft at Last

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