Making Music with Kids


Making Musical Instruments with Kids

67 Easy Projects for Adults Working with Children

Book with audio CD by Bart Hopkin

Book with audio CD, 120 pages, 8.5″ x 11″, B&W photos and diagrams.
Published by See Sharp Press, 2009.

From Spoons on Balloons to Floating Bowl Bells to Soda Straw Oboes, Making Musical Instrument with Kids is a treasure-trove of musical instrument ideas simple enough for children to make. It’s written primarily for adults who work with children, including teachers, parents, and others involved in the lives of young people. The instruments, presented with easy-to-follow instructions, are both kid-buildable and kid-playable, without need for difficult tools, using readily accessible materials. The book comes with an audio CD presenting the sounds of the instruments in lively solo and ensemble pieces. The simplest projects are suitable for children aged 4-5 years and up; the most advanced are suitable for the adolescent and early high school years.

In the classroom and out, instrument-making is excellent for hands-on learning, and this book can serve as an instructional resource. But most importantly, it is a guide to simple, enjoyable instrument making for its own sake.

Excerpts from Making Musical Instruments with Kids

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