Wind Chimes: Design and Construction

Wind Chimes: Design and Construction

Book with audio CD by Bart Hopkin

68 pages, 6″ x 9″, paper bound, generously illustrated with photographs and diagrams.
Includes audio CD.Published by Experimental Musical Musical Instruments, 2005. 

In this book you’ll find everything you need to know to construct beautiful-sounding wind chimes. Included are chimes of metal, bamboo, ceramic and shell, in a variety of forms including tubes, rods, bars, bells and gongs. Familiar wind chime designs as well as exotic and innovative ones appear. Here can be found all of the essentials for getting good sounds, as well as ideas on suspension, the basics of tuning, and suggestions for materials and resources. The accompanying CD, with twenty-eight different types of wind chimes represented, allows you to hear and compare the various types, and it’s a pleasure to listen to in itself.

The chapters include: 1) Introduction. 2) The Example Chime (a detailed description of the construction procedure for a typical, but beautiful-sounding, wind chime). 3) Useful Information (a mini-encyclopedia of practical information on chime design construction). 4) Chime Tunings (how to tune, and a wealth of ideas for tunings). 5) Descriptions (photos and construction information for a diverse array of wind-chimes of all types).

Below are several audio excerpts from the CD, representing a few of the many different sorts of chimes included in the book.

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