String Schmeary

String Schmeary String Schmeary has 140 strings tuned across a range of an octave and a fifth. That works out to 84 equal divisions per octave, or seven per semitone. In this tuning, the intervals between adjacent strings are so small that they come across not so much as separate notes, but as slightly detuned versions of the same note. In practice the strings are only roughly set to this tuning, but even without perfect accuracy, String Schmeary provides a near-continuum of microtonally tuned string tones across the range. This allows the player to play freely and expressively around and between the intended pitches, schmearing and glissing, exploring the sonic gradiant. String Schmeary is conceptually related to the instrument called Schmeary Glissary, but where String Schmeary has strings as its sound source, Schmeary Glisssary has aluminum tubes.

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