Tines & Echoes


Playing the Tines & Echoes

This looks like a stringed instrument, but the strings are secondary. The primary vibrating bodies are small metal tines mounted on the bridge, tuned to a chromatic scale. The player plucks them in kalimba-like fashion. The tines have a short, sharp, almost instantaneous sound. Their impulse creates a sympathetic vibration in any string segments that happen to have roughly the same frequency – and with so many randomly tuned strings present, it’s likely that some will. As a result, the short, sharp sound of the tine is followed by the natural tuned reverberation of the strings – an attractive combination.

In the audio clip, Tines & Echoes is accompanied by the cubist bass and a soprano cooler guitar.
The video clip was created for the Tines and Echoes samples library, available from SoundIron.

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