Sad Aggie


A Sad Aggie is a set of tuned thunder drums. Thunder drums (aka spring drums or thunder tubes) are tube drums with long, narrow, floppy coil springs attached to the head; Remo and other manufacturers produce them commercially. They make an impressive thundering sound when you agitate the spring. In my Sad Aggies, I give the broad-spectrum thunder sound recognizable pitch by tuning the lengths of the tubes and springs. I’ve made two sets: 1) Tall Sad Aggie (shown here), in which the Aggies are spring-mounted on a tall stand, and 2) Sad Aggie HH, which is a hand-held set with a tone hole added in sides of the tubes to allow each tube to play a couple of tones.

In the audio clip, Tall Sad Aggie is joined by Spaghetti and 2+2+1. In the video linked below, hand-held Sad Aggies appear midway through.  

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