Spin Chimes


Spin Chimes is an assembly of tubular chimes modified to complexify and enrich their sounds. Three types of chimes are included: 1. Fork Chimes. These are tubular chimes with a pair of longitudinal slits extending in a few inches at either or both ends. This allows the chime to manifest tuning fork modes and some additional torsional modes, along with the usual chime modes. The presence of the many modes allows a single chime to produce many pitches for a chordal effect. 2. Everly Chimes. These chimes are squashed at the center, so that the middle is a bit less circular, a bit more wide and flat. This allows allow a single chime to produce two fundamental pitches which can be tuned some selected musical interval, such as a third or fourth. 3. Beating chimes. These too are center-squashed, but only very slightly, producing two microtonally close fundamentals, which creates the shimmering effect known as beating. (See also this instrument.) All of these chimes are mounted in a way that allows spinning. Due to the directional nature of sound radiation from various modes, the spinning creates phasing, vibrato and tremolo effects.

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