Bosky Jangle


In Bosky Jangle is a foresty kinetic soundspace. Its four tree-like structures have bells at the ends of the branches. When you give one of the branches a gentle push it dances randomly about, ringing its bells, for quite a long time. Adding other branches to the mix, you can create an evolving bell-scape. Other instruments present in the forest — a set of gongs, a rumba box for bass tones, and the bubbly sounds of a set of wooden tongue drums — invite you to improvise and melodize over the ongoing bells.

Bosky Jangle has had extended appearances at the Bolinas Musuem, San Francisco’s Center for New Music, and at Bridge Storage and Artspace in Richmond, California, as well as briefer appearances in several other venues. Currently the bell trees¬† reside in semi-retirement in Bart’s back yard. In addition to the clip linked to the video icon below, you can see some bosky dancers here, and you can the original installation in action in Bolinas here.¬†

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