Play Hear


This was a big interactive sound installation set up for several days on Market Street in San Francisco as part of an event called The Market Street Prototyping Festival in the fall of 2016. It incorporated several types of sound components. Most were mounted in a three-part wall, plus there were three separate musical benches marked “sit or play”. A gazillion people came by and played the instrument during the three days it was in place; it was a blast. For a full description, see here.

Play Hear can currently be seen and played at Bridge Storage and Artspace in Richmond, California. Play Hear was created by a team consisting of Adam Fong, David Samas, Ian Saxton, Sudhu Tewari, Peter Whitehead, Carly MacLane, Ben Carpenter, Sally Davis and Bart Hopkin, under the sponsorship of San Francisco’s Center for new Music. Good sound recordings of the installation have not been made, so there’s no audio clip for this one. 

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