This is one of several instruments from the DTF family including this, this and this. The idea in these instruments is that for each note there are several chime-like sounding elements, all tuned to the same pitch or octave displacements thereof, suspended together so that when they’re activated one way or another they produce a pretty jangle of tone at the given pitch. For the Mixed Bag version of the idea, each note group contains four very different sounding elements tuned to the given note: an aluminum tubular chime at a lower octave of the intended pitch, another such at a higher octave, a tuned cowbell-like thing, and a lower-pitched woody-sounding metal bar with added air resonator of the sort described here. Each “note” thus gives you a random jangle of four very different sounds all at the intended pitch. The sounding elements for each note are suspended from a small horizontal board at the top of a swayable steel upright. To sound them you give the board or upright a gentle shove, causing the sounding elements to hit against beater balls suspended between.

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