Scrape Because


This instrument is an assembly of all the cool scraping sounds I could come up with. The instrument includes many different types of hand-held scraping sticks, many different table-mounted scrapable objects, and some additional components that serve to modify the scraping sounds in diverse ways. Given all these elements, there’s a huge number of possible combinations of scraping stick, scraped object, and optional sound modifications, giving the instrument a very large sonic vocabulary. Admittedly, some of the possibilities aren’t all that interesting, and some tend toward similar sorts of generic scraping sounds. But spend a few minutes exploring the possibilities, and you’re guaranteed to come up with some really ear-catching sounds. The drums that can be seen on the table surface serve as resonator/radiators: you can create richer and more varied sounds by holding scrapers or scrapables against these surfaces while scraping. In addition, many of the implements are provided with additional radiating surfaces at the ends in the form of styrofoam cups which increase volume and fullness.

For more on this and other scraped instruments, see here.

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