Moe-memMoe-mem is a wind instrument which uses a small flexible membrane over the end of its tube to set up the vibration within the tube, as described here for a related instrument in this collection. And it uses the open-slit-and-magnetic-strip pitch control system described here. The nice thing about bringing these two systems together is that the membrane reed system can operate with a blow tube (no need to place the instrument directly in your mouth), which means that you can place the body of the instrument on a table top in front of you. And the magnetic strip pitch-control system happens to work very nicely in this position. You can even mark your pitch locations along the magnetic strip in front of you in order to play more in tune. That said, the membrane-reed system does tend to be wobbly and inconsistent in its pitch results. The audio clip heard here represents a heroic attempt to play in tune in a demanding harmonic context! But even with imperfect pitch you can hear how expressive this instrument might be if someone were to take the time to learn to play it well.

In the audio clip, Moe-mem is accompanied by guitar.

In addition to the video you’ll see if you click the video icon belwo, you can also see ‘Moe Mem in this video

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