New Book!

I founded the Experimental Musical Instruments journal in 1986 and was its editor from then until its final release, seventy issues later, in 1999. In the course of those fourteen years the journal put out a lot of very interesting articles! Now a generous collection of them have been republished in a book called Sound Inventions: Selected Articles from Experimental Musical Instruments.

The book was co-edited by myself and Sudhu Tewari, and published Routledge Press in hardbound and softcover editions, as well as electronically. Thirty-five excellent articles from the journal are included, along with a new essay surveying the world of creative instrument making, and another on the colorful history of the journal itself. Altogether the book extends to over 400 pages. Here are links for purchase: Routledge, Amazon (take your pick).

To accompany the new book, filling in the missing pieces, we have also now posted the journal’s entire back issue set online through Internet Archive.  The PDFs in this online archive are scans of the original journal pages, done long ago when we first made the back issue set available on CD ROM. The scans are not text-searchable, and the image quality is not the best – a far cry from the print quality of the new book. But the scans are legible. 

So please buy the book! And then for the many fine articles that we were unable to include in the book — as well as letters to the editor, reviews and such — look to the posting at 


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